Faceless - First Edition

Are you part of the Faceless majority?

Are you doing the right thing and following guidelines, protecting yourself and your loved ones?

Are you tired of the negativity that is constantly reported on the news and across social media?

Is there too much focusing on those doing the wrong things, breaking the rules, flouting the law, putting us all at risk?

Now is the time to celebrate the good, the positive, and recognise those using common sense, supporting each other. 

Be Faceless, promote positivity, and support each other today!


Be Faceless – what does it mean?

2020 has been challenging for the entire globe, with the COVID-19 pandemic disrupting the world, forcing many of us to make adjustments to our lives, and change our perspective on every aspect of our day.

Many countries have chosen to tackle the pandemic in different ways, with Australia choosing to introduce varying levels of lockdowns in different states and cities. Restrictions have lead to many businesses evolving and adapting, with others sadly closing temporarily, and in some cases, permanently.

Faceless – The Clothing Brand, is a movement and concept that has been born from within those lockdown restrictions, by a family who has chosen to concentrate on the positives rather than the negatives of ‘lockdown life’.

A busy family of six, the Lofts family has spent considerably more time together over the past six months, adapting their busy lives to this new way of living. This has lead to some inquisitive questions from their four children, as they watch the nightly news each day.

With innocence and honesty, 9-year old Billy asked his parents questions like “Why are people doing the wrong thing?”, “When will be go back to school?”, and “How long will we be in lockdown?” – all questions that at this point, have no definitive answers.

It was with inspiration from these kind of questions, that Faceless was created, in an effort to take the focus off those who are not helping, and putting emphasis on those who are. “We want to show our kids that doing the right thing, is the right thing!” says co-founder Aaron, “Today there is too much attention on the things that aren’t helping, we want to help steer this generation towards the things that are.”


Leading a crowd is difficult, but not impossible. Faceless looks to unite the majority of our community who are supporting each other, following the guidelines and living within the restrictions we face. Working as a team, we can encourage each other to stay on the right path, reducing the spread of the virus in the community, with the view that we can get arrive at our ‘new normal’ together, as soon as possible.

“Partnering with Beyond Blue was a really important piece of the Faceless brand development” explains co-founder Mel, “we want to ensure that we are supporting those who have supported us in these crazy times.”

Faceless ‘First Edition’ limited edition apparel is now available, stocks are strictly limited so you’ll need to act fast! “More designs will follow, however we wanted to create something special for those who support Faceless from the beginning. Aaron explains “The ‘First Edition’ is the start of this clothing collection, and will only be available in limited quantities, to ensure they are exclusive and distinctive for those who want to stand proud with us.”

Be Faceless, and stand together with pride.
Your support – supports us all!

Order your ‘First Edition’ apparel today!